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We can't say enough about our
Boykin, Mable. John promised a
great dog and he delivered a
superior one. Good
communication throughout
transaction. Puppy retrieved the
first night we had her home! As
John promised, she is not only a
wonderful pet, but is proving to be
a keen hunter as well. Would
highly recommend John and
Goodbye Kennels.

Kim and Dewey McTee - San
Antonio, TX

Just wanted to give you an update on
Nelli's progress. I took her on her first
dove hunt this past weekend. Her
performance greatly exceeded anything I
could have hoped for. She had 12
unassisted retrieves without me ever
getting off  my stool and all the rest she
was able to locate with a little assistance.
I have attached some pictures as well.

Hope everything is going well.

All the best,

john--sage had a good day
saturday. retrieved one green
wing teel and six doves.
brought and 6 doves and put
them in my hand. it was her
first real action and she got
real excited with all the
shooting. i'm proud of her.
thanks charles
Hey John - I'm the guy with the
Boykin(Jojo) that you trained for me
a couple of years ago / best hunting
dog I've ever owned thanks to you. I
will be in the market for a pointing
dog next year. I am looking for a
small female english pointer or
german shorthair - less than 45/50
pounds or so. Do you know of any
particular lines that have the small
females - she will be a hunting dog /
pet only -no future breeding or hunt
tests. I will probably get you to train
her like you did Jojo. Any info would
be greatly appreciated so I can start
my research. Thanks Tom
10 week old boykin flushing and retrieving
Click to watch video
Wanted to share that Tally has turned
into a terrific dog. She hunted the
Chesapeake this year and at 13
months, was making nice retrieves on
ducks.  After several hunts, she had a
couple dozen ducks under her belt
(she is small so the big drakes were a
challenge once on land), including
some great retrieves on cripples.  She
should be a superstar once she gets
another hunting season behind her.

She has an absolutely superb
temperament and is wonderful with our
2 year old.

Many thanks, Peter
Dear John,
Flint is now sixteen weeks old ,and he
has is now making full fifty yard retrieves
on doves after the first season of
hunting. He will be ready just in time for
duck season and the next dove season.
He was remarkable easy to train. It was
if he was born ready to retrieve birds.
He was house trained after two weeks.
This process was also very easy. This is
by far the smartest breed I have ever
seen. At sixteen weeks old, he has
surpassed many of my friends labs that
are six months old. I recieved a great
puppy from you , and I am one hundred
percent satisfied. I would recomend any
boykin to anyone that wants a pet/
hunting dog. They are remarkable.
Chase Hembree
Hello from Texas,

Just wanted to let you know
that at 13 weeks old
"smurf" has successfully
retrieved a dove four times
I could not be happier with
my pup and congratulate
you for a top notch
breeding program.

Best Regards,


Here is our pup Judd, delivering to
hand.  He is a couple days past 12
weeks old, sits and kennels on
command.  He made 35-40 retrieves to
hand the 1st time he ever hunted or
heard lots of gunfire.  He learned in
one afternoon to hunt dead birds he
never saw fall.  He tracked and caught
several cripples in high weeds!

We love him and enjoy training him.  

He is the most advanced Boykin pup
for his age of the 4 I've owned

I had Lab owners yesterday stop
hunting just to watch such a small
puppy in action, they could not believe
he was as young as he was and not
nearly fully trained.

Woodie and Irene
Brandon, Ms
Absolutely! Mable is the Boykin we purchased
from you the first of June 2009 for our daughter.
She is an outstanding dog and anyone who
meets her threatens to take her.  Ruby is our 15
month old lab out of our yellow male who died
from a sinus tumor the week after Christmas this
year. We are happy to have her and we will
always have a lab. BUT!!! Mable has stolen
everyone's heart and has converted us from just
labs to Boykins. We now say" we will always
have a boykin" as well. As you can see, Mable
believes she can do anything a big dog can do.
She has the heart of a lion.

Willow is doing great with Dewey's parents. We
hope you got the Christmas card!

When is your next litter of pups coming up? we
have a friend interested.
Well been a while since I updated you
on Molly.
She is a wonderful family member and
has grown out of chewing furniture and
This season she has really showed off
on the hunts. Molly is about as solid a
hunter as one could hope for. It's really
a hoot to hunt with her she is all
business and this year I've yet to have
any issues other than getting her to
quite when the hunt is over.
Molly has taken over the pack at our
house now as boss dog and keeps our
Boykin and two minature weinner dogs
in line.
On a side note this year she retrieved
dove on three hunts and has become
quite the squirrel dog in the back
yard,plan to take her to the camp in
febuary to give her a try.  Last week
after a quail hunt she went to the camp
and I deer hunted that
afternoon,following the hunt one of the
members had shot a buck that ran off
a ways into the woods. We pulled Molly
out of the jeep and she tracked the
blood trail that evening and we located
his buck thanks to her. Only problem
upon finding the deer she assumed it
was hers.
Molly is the full package. Best hunting
dog ever.
I will come to see you in about two
years for another french brittney to
train under ms molly before she retires.
Take care and thanks again for pairing
me up with that runt. When I come for
the next one I hope you have a girl
runt half as good as molly..
bought last April. He had his first full-fledged
hunt this past weekend and he did about
him, I named him Arnaud de Goodbye, Arnie
for short, and he has been a real joy.
Everything you said he was. Very biddable,
very loving and a very strong pointing
instinct. He is such a great family member
for us I just want to check in and say thank